Tuesday, December 6, 2016

50 years and counting!

No not us, Ed and Sharron of course. (Jeremy's parents) Look how cute this picture is of them on their wedding day!
 We celebrated at Kim's church with a big family party. Wish I had taken more pictures of the party and all the decorations because Kim really out did herself! We had a photo booth of sorts with props and had a great time taking some fun pictures!!

 I'm not sure why this was so difficult!! I couldn't stop laughing. It was like I was the embarrassed one for PDA! and we all know who that usually is!!?? It was kind of tricky holding the frame and two babies. That must have been why I was having issues.

 Just the girls
After the party we all went outside and made a "50" out of ourselves and balloons and our nephew Tyler who has a drone videoed us and made a really cool video of it. Wish I knew the link to post it here.

Brielle the Baker

Brielle has grown up so quickly, but she has been such a big help since the twins arrived. She wanted to help make pancakes one morning. And of course if you do any cooking, you wear an apron ;)
Grandma Marjorie taught us this and we always think of her when we put one on.

Bath time!

Almost 2 months and these girls are getting some rolls!!! Whitney is loving her baths and relaxes right down in the water.

 Happy to be in the warm towel.
 Savannah loves her baths too. She is just as rolly too!

 They love sitting in the Bumbo chair Kim Turcsanski let us borrow. They love sitting up and seeing things up high.

Christmas time

A few days before Christmas us girls went to Archibald's at Gardner Village and celebrated Regie's birthday. Since her birthday is Christmas Eve Eve we figured we'd go a little early. It also gave us a chance to get to know her better. It was a fun girl's night out but the little space where two car seat hampers had to be at the restaurant didn't leave much space for the waiter to take our orders. They weren't expecting such a big crowd with 4 and two infants!
Christmas Eve we have a tradition of opening pajamas. It is a tradition that I had as a child that I loved so we are doing it now with our own kids.
 Christmas morning before the kids came out.
 Our Christmas tree
 All lit up

 Christmas day family picture
 Christmas evening Heather and her family as well as Joe and Regie came to eat, play games and enjoy being together. It was so nice being home for the holiday.

Annual Kone Family Christmas Party!

We celebrated the Kone Party at the WVC Fitness Center. It was a lot of fun! Full of excitement too! Joe proposed to Regie the night before downtown at the Gallivan center! And then after all the kids talked to Santa, my cousin Jessie sat on his lap and her boyfriend proposed! It looks like an exciting year ahead!
 Landon loved his Captain Hook ship with Capt. Hook that had a cannon and all.

 Mom, Regie and Joe with Savy and Whit
 Brielle showing off her Monster High doll
 Landon, Jeremy and I
 Grandma Kone with Whitney
 Savannah snuggling with Joe
4 Generations!

Monday, December 5, 2016

We Braved the Lights!

All bundled up with 1 month old twins, we headed downtown to meet up with Heather and family to see the lights at Temple Square. We even took the Trax train! We all had a great time and I am sure the twins stayed warmer than the rest. Sure I had to take a rest in the visitor's center to feed them and warm the rest of the family up, but we made it!

Grandma with her grandkids

The Holidays Have Begun

Saturday morning we had the Ward Primary Christmas Party. We ate breakfast and then visited with Santa. The kids were beyond excited!!
Daddy's full arms



Brielle is definitely on the "Nice" List. She has been a very helpful big sister!

All Smiles Here!!

Santa's full arms. They look so peaceful sleeping in his arms. I bet he smells of peppermint and hot cocoa!