Tuesday, December 6, 2016

50 years and counting!

No not us, Ed and Sharron of course. (Jeremy's parents) Look how cute this picture is of them on their wedding day!
 We celebrated at Kim's church with a big family party. Wish I had taken more pictures of the party and all the decorations because Kim really out did herself! We had a photo booth of sorts with props and had a great time taking some fun pictures!!

 I'm not sure why this was so difficult!! I couldn't stop laughing. It was like I was the embarrassed one for PDA! and we all know who that usually is!!?? It was kind of tricky holding the frame and two babies. That must have been why I was having issues.

 Just the girls
After the party we all went outside and made a "50" out of ourselves and balloons and our nephew Tyler who has a drone videoed us and made a really cool video of it. Wish I knew the link to post it here.

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